Getting Started With Dungeons & Dragons

Lockdown Land
Lockdown Land
Getting Started With Dungeons & Dragons

In this episode of Lockdown Land I talk to Dylan Beckbessinger from The DND Geek about starting a simple game of Dungeons & Dragons.

If you’re looking to kill some time at the same time as letting your imagination run wild then get started on a simple game of Dungeon and Dragons. Games can last ages and transport you to new worlds.

But… how difficult is it to kick off a simple game?

I talk to Dylan from The DND Geek about how easy it is to start your first game and if you really need those fancy multi-sided dice.

We also talk about picking your characters, the roles of a Dungeon Master and where you can find resources online to build your game.

Make sure you check out The DND Geek website which offers lots of tips and advice on D&D plus a really cool character generator.

You can also meet up with Dylan on Twitter.

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