Writing A Book During Lockdown

Lockdown Land
Lockdown Land
Writing A Book During Lockdown

Are you thinking of writing a novel? Don’t miss this episode of Lockdown Land where I talk to author JB Lion about writing a book during lockdown.

JB is the author of a new paranormal fantasy thriller called 7th Spark that’s the story of good versus evil which challenges the moral and spiritual beliefs in all of us as humans. It’s full of suspense, plot twists, and elements of horror, similar to Game of Thrones and will keep readers engaged until the very end.

The first of 5 books come out in September and its available to preorder on his website at jblion.com.

I talk to JB about his writing process, how he gets his ideas and turns those into a work of fiction. JB has lots of tips and advice for novice writers so listen up and get that book started!

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